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Ingasoftplus vacation (July 05 - July 25, 2024)

The Ingasoftplus will be on leave, from July 05 to July 25, 2024, for staff vacation. During this time, our online store will remain open and you are welcome to place orders. Orders will be processed with delay. Response times can be longer than usual.


Have you ever dreamt to export or import your data from your Clarion application to Excel in 1 minute? EasyOpenOffice is a set of classes and templates providing you an ability to use OpenOffice / LibreOffice (Calc and Writer) from your Clarion applications. Do you need to print in the standard Clarion reports text fields so that all vertical and horizontal lines or surrounding boxes will be automatically adjusted according to the text's controls height Or set a greenbar effect to your report in one click? EasyCOMCreator utility is used to create a Component Object Model (COM) dynamic-link library (DLL) automatically using Clarion. It allows you to manage your Projects, Objects, Methods and Parameters, generates all necessary CLW/PRJ files! dpQuery is a tool that adds a powerful interactive resource (Query wizard) for importing of practically any external data (xbase, MS Excel books, MS SQL tables, CSV, XML, Firebird/InterBase, DSN source, MS Access etc) into your program in Clarion. EasyMultiTag will allows you to considerably expand functionality of BrowseBox. Tagging of any records (both separate and ranges) using Windows-style, by colour, by icons, invisible, using hot keys and popup menu or buttons and much more! EasyCOM2INC utility is used to automatically creating Clarion include files with the definitions of COM-interfaces from IDL file and generate needed Classes. It supports generation of Late binding methods as well as Early binding. Doing COM (a Component Object Model) the EASY way! A bundle of EasyCOM2INC and EasyCOMCreator. EasyResizeAndSplit class and template for Clarion lets the end user resize/split the controls (List boxes, entry controls, buttons, etc.) on the windows; generates code to reposition the controls, resize the controls. CWPlus is an integrated tool for Clarion IDE and essentially allows you to simplify manual coding . CWPlus realizes analogues of the most important elements of Microsoft IntelliSense technology. EasyNETComponents allows you to use Microsoft .Net FrameWork components in your Clarion 6.1 or higher applications. Easy3DStyle allows you to change the appearance of controls like Entry, Split, List, Combo, Drop List. Buttons become flat and graceful! Adds more functionality for Entry fields, adds the new HyperLink control using standard Prompt or String controls. A bundle of EasyResizeAndSplit + Easy3DStyle. EasyListPrint (ELP) is a Clarion set of classes and templates for automatic creation of tabulated reports, using queues or lists (for example, automatic printing of BrowseBox contents). EasyDocker is a Clarion set of classes and templates, which give you an ability to add a "float" toolbars to your Clarion application. EasyHelper is a class and templates, allowing you to add a context help into the Clarion application. Freshen applications by animation. Fill applications by sound. Durable operations with the data, complex calculation or generation of the big report will pass little bit faster for the end user if you accompany their by animation and by sound! Familiar and convenient elements of the Microsoft IntelliSense technology ("AutoComplete") now are accessible in your Clarion applications! The EasyAutoEntry (EAE) class and template will allow your end users to enter the data simply and easily! EasyListView is a Clarion wrapper around a .NET ListView. It makes the ListView easy to use in your Clarion applications and provides some neat extra functionality. EasyNaviBar will instantly enable your Clarion applications with the popular MS Outlook© 2003/2007 style Navigation bar. It contains six different layout and color styles. EasyNaviBar consists of buttons, bands and groups. MAV direct ODBC (MAV) class and template is a set of classes and templates for quick, easy and powerful access to SQL servers using ODBC API from Clarion application. Data Conversion template for Clarion is intended for automatic data files converting when application dictionary changes. Say Good-bye to error 47, feel free to change your dictionary as you wish - integrated converter will automatically convert files. Demonstrates using of Microsoft SQLDMO Object Library and Microsoft Office XP Web Components in the Clarion application. Demonstrates using of TX Text Control 11 / 12 / 20 / 25 / 26 ActiveX (The Imaging Source Europe GmbH) in the Clarion application. Demonstrates using of Microsoft WMI Scripting Library in the Clarion application. Demonstrates using of xPaymentCOM 2009/2010 ActiveX (xAuthorize LLC) in the Clarion application. EasyFingerPrint is a set of classes and templates allowing you to use Fingerprint SDK (Griaule Biometrics) 2009 for ActiveX in your Clarion applications. EasyQuickBooks is a set of classes and templates allowing you to use /n software QuickBooks Integrator in your Clarion applications. EasyXML is implemented as a set of Clarion classes and template to simplify XML processing available as full source code.

eBook: Using .NET assemblies in Clarion for Windows. In the Part 1 we will learn how to create COM-objects in C# and use them in the Clarion. In the Part 2 we will learn how to handle COM events. EasyToolTip provides a simple icon that users can easily identify as a help provider. Once a user moves their mouse over the icon, a visually pleasing pop-up window displays context sensitive help that remains visible until they choose to close the view. EasyNotifier is a Clarion wrapper around a .NET assembly DLL and a popup-less notification window, and saves the user from the "Click - on - the - OK - button - to - continue" pain. A bundle EasyToolTip & EasyNotifier EasyCam is a Clarion wrapper around a .NET assembly DLL for working with cameras, video-inputs, playing video files, and barcode in Clarion easily uses DirectShow.
EasyHTML is a Clarion wrapper around a .NET assembly DLL for working with HTML control in Clarion easily.
EasyDotNet is a Clarion wrapper around a .NET Framework Class Library. It covers a several most useful classes. The .NET Framework class library is a library of classes, interfaces, and value types that provide access to system functionality. EasyPDFMaker is a plug-in for EasyHTML and uses popular js package pdfmake. Very easy to use, flexible, powerful, allows you to create PDF documents of any complexity from your Clarion application.
Smart Zoom template enables web browser-like zoom feature in your applications, that is, the combination "Ctrl + Mouse wheel" zooms in and out any LIST or TEXT. Easy Edge (Chromium) is a Clarion wrapper around the Microsoft Edge WebView2 control that enables you to embed web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) in your Clarion applications easily.


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