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EasyResizeAndSplit class and template lets the end user resize/split any controls (List boxes, entry controls, buttons, non-Clarion etc.) on the windows when the end user resizes the window or moves Split bars (vertical or/and horizontal - transparent and inverse when moving!). You'll set strategies for every control directly in Window formatter! The usage of Win API functions results in the disappearance of overlay/flicker of controls at redrawing.
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Operating System for Deployment

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 98
  • Windows ME
  • Windows NT
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2003 x64
  • Windows Vista Business
  • Windows Vista Enterprise
  • Windows Vista Home Basic
  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Windows Vista Starter
  • Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Windows XP

Architecture of Product

  • 32Bit

Product Type

  • Add-In

Component Type

  • DLL
  • LIB
  • Template ABC
  • Template Legacy

Compatible Containers

  • SoftVelocity Clarion 5.0
  • SoftVelocity Clarion 5.5
  • SoftVelocity Clarion 6.3
  • SoftVelocity Clarion 7.1
  • SoftVelocity Clarion 7.2
  • SoftVelocity Clarion 7.3
  • SoftVelocity Clarion 8.0
  • SoftVelocity Clarion 9.0


  • CHM

Install Type

  • Install Executable


Programming Languages
     Components & Libraries
        Resizing & Splitting
        Toolbar and Menu
        User Interface


EasyResizeAndSplit ver 2.13 for Clarion 9 now available!

Libraries were recompiled for C9.  Clarion9 aware setup file is available.

This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.

About product

EasyResizeAndSplit class and template for Clarion lets the end user resize/split the controls (List boxes, entry controls, buttons, etc.) on the windows; generates code to reposition the controls, resize the controls.


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