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EasyListView is a Clarion wrapper around a .NET ListView. It makes the ListView easy to use in your Clarion applications and provides some neat extra functionality.

  • Automatically transforms data source (ver 1 supports SQL connections and XML files) into a fully functional ListView, including automatically sorting and grouping rows.
  • Supports owner drawing, including rendering animated graphics and images stored in a database.
  • Easily edit the cell values.
  • Easily enable drag and drop.
  • Supports 5 ListView views (SmallIcon, LargeIcon, List, Tile, Detail).
  • Supports automatic grouping.
  • Supports collapsible groups (Vista only).
  • Columns can be fixed-width, have a minimum and/or maximum width, or be space-filling (Column Widths).
  • Displays a “list is empty” message when the list is empty (obviously).
  • Supports tooltips for cells and for headers.
  • Supports checkboxes in any column as well as tri-state checkboxes.
  • Supports alternate rows background colors.
  • Supports custom formatting of rows.
  • Supports searching (by typing) on any column.
  • Supports image and text overlays.
  • Enable Registration-Free Activation - a mechanism that enables easy deployment of COM components to a machine without the need to register them.
  • Deploying your application - Besides an usual exe, dll etc files you should ship just one small dll (.NET assembly DLL) with your end-user application.

All these are template driven!

And it doesn't required any other components, 3rd party library, ActiveX/OCX etc!

You'll get libraries, templates, examples and complete documentation.

http://Download Trial/Demo  Downloads: 4692

Operating System for Deployment

  • .NET 2.0
  • .NET 3.0
  • .NET 3.5
  • .NET 4.0
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Vista Business
  • Windows Vista Enterprise
  • Windows Vista Home Basic
  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Windows Vista Starter
  • Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Windows XP

Architecture of Product

  • 32Bit

Product Type

  • Add-In

Component Type

  • .NET Class
  • DLL
  • Source code
  • Template ABC
  • Template Legacy

Compatible Containers

  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • .NET Framework 3.0
  • .NET Framework 3.5
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • SoftVelocity Clarion 10.0
  • SoftVelocity Clarion 11.0
  • SoftVelocity Clarion 11.1
  • SoftVelocity Clarion 6.3
  • SoftVelocity Clarion 7.0
  • SoftVelocity Clarion 7.1
  • SoftVelocity Clarion 7.2
  • SoftVelocity Clarion 7.3
  • SoftVelocity Clarion 8.0
  • SoftVelocity Clarion 9.0
  • SoftVelocity Clarion 9.1


  • CHM

Install Type

  • Install Executable


Programming Languages
     Components & Libraries
        Database Reporting
        Demonstration / Presentation
        Print and Preview
        Treeview and List
        User Interface
        User Interface Components


EasyListView ver 1.04 released!!!

New demo application is available.


  • Current row will be saved on list mode changes.


  • Export error in Tile view mode.

New in template:

  • New embeded point "Setup ListView".

Changed in template:

  • 'Pause Animation' by default set 1 (true).
  • FIX: fixed second AspectGetter method call.


NEW FEATURE: Text iltering.

  • One very common filtering task is to only show rows that contain a certain string. iTunes does this with its "Search" box. EasyListView makes it very easy to implement this text filtering via a TextMatchFilter method.

NEW FEATURE: Animation.

  • It allows you to animate a whole list, row(s) or even cell(s).  

Demo app:

  • NEW: Text filtering (TPS example)
  • NEW: Animations (XML example, local procedures ListAnimation, RowAnimation, CellAnimation)



  • New methods: TextMatchFilter, CreateAnimation, StartAnimation, StopAnimation, PauseAnimation, UnpauseAnimation, AnimationTarget, CreateImageSprite, CreateTextSprite, CreateShapeSprite, MoveSprite, GotoSprite, WalkSprite, RotateSprite, ScaleSprite, FadeSprite, BlinkSprite, CentreSprite, SpriteOpacity, SpriteFixedLocation, SpriteFixedBounds, AddSprite, AddAudio.


Note that you need to re-register new EasyListView.dll.

Free upgrade for all customers who have a current (valid) subscription plan.


EasyListView ver 1.03 released!!!

Demo app:
  • NEW: color/font for the single cell (SQL example, Occupation column).
  • NEW: enhanced Group design: icon in the group header, subtitle, task - Groups under XP remain unchanged, under Vista and Windows 7 only (SQL example, turn on Show groups, sort by Salary).
  • NEW: completely rewritten Queue example interface.
  • NEW: Decorations (Queue example)- allows you to put pretty images, text and effects over the top of your EasyListView.
  • NEW: hyperlinks in the cells (Queue example).

New in templates:

  • Appearance > General: "Hot item" group: Use decoration, Decoration.
  • Appearance > Columns > General: Use as hyperlink.
  • Appearance > Columns > Groups: Value, Description, Image, Subtitle, Task.
  • Appearance > Decorations: Unique name, Type, other.
  • Appearance > Printing: added rules for Header and Footer.
  • Behavior > General:Use CellFormat events.
  • Appearance > Images > Tile view.
  • Appearance > Images > Group Images.


  • New methods: AddGroupImage, GetUseCellFormatEvents, SetUseCellFormatEvents, SetRowColors, SetRowFont, SetCellColors, SetCellFont, MakeGroupies, GetGroupItems, GetGroupProperty, CreateTextColorDecoration, CreateBorderDecoration, CreateLightboxDecoration, CreateImageDecoration, SetHotItemDecoration, SetItemDecoration, SetSubItemDecoration, SetColumnHyperLink, SetHyperlinkColors, SetTileRendererColors.

About product

EasyListView is a Clarion wrapper around a .NET ListView. It makes the ListView easy to use in your Clarion applications and provides some neat extra functionality.


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