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EasyCOM2INC ver 2.11 released!

  • Now generated classes inherit from the base class EasyCOMClass (ecombase.inc / ecombase.clw).
  • Now the error message in the class method is generated only if the COM method returned HR < 0 (HR < S_OK), i.e., when HR = S_FALSE message will not be displayed. Previously it displayed if HR <> S_OK.
  • Code of the methods that uses parameters such as SAFEARRAY. The file ecg.ini consists of subtypes replacement for SAFEARRAYs.
  • OleSafeArrayClass: Fixed working with multi-dimensional (dimensions > 1) SAFEARRAYs (methods: GetElement (), PutElement ()).

EasyListView ver 1.02 released!!!

Demo app:

  • NEW: File explorer example  
  • NEW: export to Excel (TPS example)  
  • NEW: export to xml (TPS example)  
  • NEW: Header Word Wrap (TPS example)  
  • NEW: Hover selection (File explorer example)  
  • NEW: Hot tracking (File explorer example)  
  • NEW: Translucent selection (File explorer example)  
  • NEW: Translucent hot item (File explorer example)  
  • NEW: Explorer theme (File explorer example)  
  • NEW: Flag renderer (File explorer example, Attributes column)  
  • NEW: Item tooltips (File explorer example)  
  • NEW: Column header font/color (TPS example)  
  • NEW: Hot item overlay (TPS example)  
  • NEW: Check boxes (File explorer example)  

New in templates:

  • Appearance > General: Header word wrap; Checkboxes.  
  • Appearance > Columns > General: Tooltip; Font.  
  • Apperance > Columns > Renderers: FlagRenderer.  
  • Appearance > Colors: Use explorer theme; Use translucent selection; Use translucent hot item.  
  • Appearance > Printing: added description for Header and Footer.  
  • Behavior > General: Hover selection; Hot tracking; Show header in all views; Show item tooltips.  
  • Behavior > Sorting (new tab!): Primary sort column; Sort order; Clear. Secondary sort column; Sort order; Clear.


  • New methods: Export2Excel, Export2XML, SetColumnHeaderToolTip, GetCheckBoxes, SetCheckBoxes, GetHeaderWordWrap, SetHeaderWordWrap, GetHoverSelection, SetHoverSelection, GetHotTracking, SetHotTracking, GetUseExplorerTheme, SetUseExplorerTheme, GetUseTranslucentSelection, SetUseTranslucentSelection, GetUseTranslucentHotItem, SetUseTranslucentHotItem, GetShowHeaderInAllViews, SetShowHeaderInAllViews, SetFlagRenderer, GetShowItemToolTips, SetShowItemToolTips, SetColumnHeaderFont, SetColumnHeaderForeColor, SetPrimarySortColumn, SetSecondarySortColumn, SetHotItemOverlay, GetCheckStateIndices, SetGlobalCheckState.
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EasyListView ver 1.01 released!!!

- EasyListView.dll assembly is signed now so you can add EasyListView.dll into GAC without problem.

-There is a new "Link oleautcg.lib" setting added in the Global template.
- ListView Previewer (you can call it from template settings Appearance > General > Preview)!
- Possibility to set a Font for the whole ListView (Appearance > General).
- Possibility to set a Font for the EmptyList message (Appearance > General).
- Hot Items (items under the mouse cursor).
- Possibility to set a Font, Styles and Colors for the Hot Item (Appearance > General).
- Example of using Hot Item in "TPS example" (added also a new "Use Hot item" check box).
- New methods: GetUseHotItem, SetUseHotItem and SetHotItemStyle.

NEW DEMO app available. 

Note that you need to re-register new EasyListView.dll !!! 

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EasyCOM2INC ver 2.10 released!

- Installer now supports Clarion 7.
- Added class OleVariantClass (in easyole.inc, easyole.clw) to facilitate the work of the Variant type.

- Changed algorithm for determining the type of variable to be compatible with C7 (added getvartype.inc file).

- The algorithm of creating OLE control when license used (thanks to Carlos Gutierrez).

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