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Easy Edge (Chromium) ver 1.12 released!

SDK: 1.0.1518.46
WebView2 Runtime: For full API compatibility, this version of the WebView2 SDK requires WebView2 Runtime version 109.0.1518.46 or higher.
Release notes: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2/release-notes?tabs=dotnetcsharp#10151846

Delivering the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime to Windows 10 Consumers: https://blogs.windows.com/msedgedev/2022/06/27/delivering-the-microsoft-edge-webview2-runtime-to-windows-10-consumers/

Microsoft: We're bringing Edge WebView2 to more Windows 10 devices, and here's why: https://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-is-bringing-more-loop-components-to-microsoft-teams-and-outlook/

The Print API
  • NEW: PrintAsync method prints the current web page asynchronously to the specified printer with the provided settings.
  • NEW: PrintToPdfStream method provides the Pdf data of current web page asynchronously for the provided settings.
  • NEW: ShowPrintUI method opens the print dialog to print the current web page.
  • NEW: OnPrintCompleted event raised when a call of PrintAsync is completed and indicates the status for printing.
  • NEW: OnPrintToPdfStreamCompleted event raised when a call of PrintToPdfStream is completed and provides the Pdf data of current web page.
  • CHG: TWebView2PrintSettings class has new print settings: PageRanges, PagesPerSide, Copies, Collation, ColorMode, Duplex, MediaSize, PrinterName.

The Custom Crash Reporting API
  • NEW: TClaEdgeEnvironmentOptions.IsCustomCrashReportingEnabled property: when set to true, Windows won't send crash data to Microsoft endpoint.
  • NEW: TClaEdgeBase.FailureReportFolderPath method returns the failure report folder.

The Frame API
  • NEW: TFrameManager.FindFrame method finds a frame by its name.

WebResource request API
  • NEW: TWebResourceRequest.SetHeader method adds or updates request header.

  • NEW: Customizable Init error messages.
  • NEW: Optional BEEP on Init error.
  • NEW: Additional embed points in "Initialization|Fail reason" branch.
  • NEW: "Set focus after navigation completes" checkbox.
This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.