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Data Conversion template ver 1.88 released!

What's new:
  • Improved C7 support - prevented exception in some cases, also fixed the problem with groundless growing of svi-files for the tables with GROUPs.
  • Moreover fixed the issue which can occur during the conversion in different database contexts for one session.

EasyNaviBar ver 1.04 released!!!

  • "Options > Add or remove buttons" wasn't working.

  • Save Settings / Load Settings in template and new SaveSettings / LoadSettings methods.
  • Possibility of changing the standard text of Options menu, new ChangeOptionsMenuText method.
  • Possibility of setting Options menu visibility, new SetOptionsMenuVisible method.
  • Possibility to use images linked into exe file (~IconFile.ICO).

Free upgrade for all customers who have a current (valid) subscription plan.

EasyCOM2INC ver 2.12 released!

  • TEMPLATE: for the new project flag 'Link oleautcg.lib' will be set automatically to TRUE for Clarion < 7.1, and to FALSE for Clarion >= 7.1.
  • GENERATOR: for the dispinterface with the huge number of methods not all methods were generated in the interface section.
  • GENERATOR: parameters with the [out] attribute could not return the new value to the caller.

  • FEATURE (GENERATOR): xml comments will be generated for the methods which have [helpstring] attribute (to use with Code Completion in C7)

Free upgrade for all customers who have a current (valid) subscription plan. btw we are kindly ask you to renew your subscription if you have purchased more then 1 year ago.

EasyNaviBar ver 1.03 released!!!

  • Support for the new controls: Label, LinkLabel, TextBox, RichTextBox, Picture.
  • MDI Frame support.
  • New demo example for the MDI Frame support (based on the standard SCHOOL example).
  • New methods GetControlText, SetControlBorderStyle, SetControlHeight, SetTextBoxMaxLength, SetTextBoxMultiline, SetTextBoxReadOnly, SetTextBoxWordWrap, SetTextBoxScrollBars, LoadRTF, SaveRTF, SetLabelAutoEllipsis, SetLabelTextAlign, SetLabelImageAlign, SetLabelFlatStyle, SetLinkLabelURL, GetLinkLabelURL and SetPictureSizeMode.

Data Conversion template ver 1.87 released!

- C7 support - added the automatic svi-files converter from previous versions to C7 (now you can ignore note for ver. 1.85). Thank to S.Jayashankar for given converter code.

- An issue with using SYSTEM{PROP:DataPath} and prevented exception in some cases.

EasyListView ver 1.04 released!!!

New demo application is available.


  • Current row will be saved on list mode changes.


  • Export error in Tile view mode.

New in template:

  • New embeded point "Setup ListView".

Changed in template:

  • 'Pause Animation' by default set 1 (true).
  • FIX: fixed second AspectGetter method call.


NEW FEATURE: Text iltering.

  • One very common filtering task is to only show rows that contain a certain string. iTunes does this with its "Search" box. EasyListView makes it very easy to implement this text filtering via a TextMatchFilter method.

NEW FEATURE: Animation.

  • It allows you to animate a whole list, row(s) or even cell(s).  

Demo app:

  • NEW: Text filtering (TPS example)
  • NEW: Animations (XML example, local procedures ListAnimation, RowAnimation, CellAnimation)



  • New methods: TextMatchFilter, CreateAnimation, StartAnimation, StopAnimation, PauseAnimation, UnpauseAnimation, AnimationTarget, CreateImageSprite, CreateTextSprite, CreateShapeSprite, MoveSprite, GotoSprite, WalkSprite, RotateSprite, ScaleSprite, FadeSprite, BlinkSprite, CentreSprite, SpriteOpacity, SpriteFixedLocation, SpriteFixedBounds, AddSprite, AddAudio.


Note that you need to re-register new EasyListView.dll.

Free upgrade for all customers who have a current (valid) subscription plan.


Data Conversion template ver 1.86 released!

- C7.x support - the new file's version registration works as before, the tables without NAME attribute are processed in correct way.

Ingasoftplus Vacation (June 26 - July 18, 2010)

We will be on vacation from June 26 to July 18 and will be  unavailable to answer your emails immediately.

Data Conversion template ver 1.85 gets back!

After long time of inactivity Data Conversion template gets back under our care. Hereafter we will support current users, sell and develop new versions.

EasyOpenOffice ver 1.06 released!

Libraries were re-compiled fo CW 7.1 and 7.2

Bug fixes:
CreateTable method (EasyWriter) - tables always placed at the start of text and not in the cursor position.
InsertDateTimeField, InsertUserField methods (EasyWriter) - fields were always placed at the start of text and not in the cursor position.

Changed methods:
SetCharFont (EasyCalc & EasyWriter) - pHeight parameter was changed from SHORT to REAL, so you can set a fractional char height now.

New methods:
FindFirst (EasyCalc) - searches the contained texts for the next occurrence of whatever is specified.
CopySheet (EasyCalc) - copies a sheet within the collection.
RemoveSheet (EasyCalc) - removes the sheet with the specified name.
ReplaceAll (EasyCalc) - finds and replaces all entries of the text pattern in the Calc document.
GetSheetName (EasyCalc) - returns the currently selected sheet's name.
InsertRowCol (EasyCalc) - adds rows/cols into the sheet.
SetPrintOptions (EasyCalc) - sets some of the print options.
SetNamedRange (EasyCalc) - sets named range in a Calc sheet.
SetPrintArea (EasyCalc) - sets print area in a Calc sheet.

Changed templates:
PageSetup code template (Calc) - added print grid, row/col headres and comments options.

Free upgrade for all customers who have a current (valid) subscription plan.

EasyNaviBar Version 1.02 released.

-Added ability to select the Layout for the groups - Table, Flow (scrolling control within the group).
-Added ability to use of empty string as names of images in the SetBandImages method, no longer exception is generated.
-Added ability to text translation (using internal TranslatorClass or BoTran, Prodomus, and others that are SV translator compatible).
-ToolTips for small buttons (show text on the button).
-Template: new embed point in the methods of event handlers after CODE.
-Template: new Run-Time Translation setting.
-New methods: SetGroupLayout,
-New Translation methods: SetBandText, SetGroupText, SetControlText. Can be used with the Clarion internal TranslatorClass or 3rd party templates like BoTran, Prodomus, and others that are SV translator compatible.

Changes in the demo program:
-Panel "Customize" - themes list is scrolling now.
-ToolTips for small buttons.

For text translation there is suitable embed point "After Init" - SetBandText, SetGroupText, SetControlText methods.

Free upgrade for all customers who have a current (valid) subscription plan.

dpQuery ver 2.11 released (FULL and DEMO versions)!

- Support for MS Office 2007 (Excel, Access).

Libraries were recompiled for CW 7.1 and CW 7.2.

Free upgrade for all customers who have a current (valid) subscription plan.

EasyNaviBar Version 1.01 released.

  • new methods GetVisible / SetVisible.

EasyExcel ver 4.05 released!

Libraries were recompiled for CW 7.1 (7075)

Bug fixes:
- Fixed an error message in the Init template in Clarion 7.x.

Changed methods:
- List2Excel method - now supports the blank numeric values in list field format.
- Find method - now returns zeroes in Row/Col parameters when the value wasn't found.
- WriteQueue method - now supports export of more than 65535 rows into Excel.

In many methods dealing with cells addressing (like Write, WriteQueue, GetRow etc.) all USHORT parameters were changed to LONG, so you can work now with more then 64K rows in Excel 2007.

New methods:
- AutoFormat method - formats the specified range, using a predefined format.
- SheetRightToLeft method - flips current worksheet from left to right direction.

Changed templates:
- SetFormat code template - added AutoFormat parameter.
- List2Excel code template - added an ability to export all records of the browse list (not only visible).

Note. We have created a new setup file so we suggest to uninstall previous version of EasyExcel and then install a new one.

Free upgrade for all customers who have a current (valid) subscription plan.


EasyListView ver 1.03 released!!!

Demo app:
  • NEW: color/font for the single cell (SQL example, Occupation column).
  • NEW: enhanced Group design: icon in the group header, subtitle, task - Groups under XP remain unchanged, under Vista and Windows 7 only (SQL example, turn on Show groups, sort by Salary).
  • NEW: completely rewritten Queue example interface.
  • NEW: Decorations (Queue example)- allows you to put pretty images, text and effects over the top of your EasyListView.
  • NEW: hyperlinks in the cells (Queue example).

New in templates:

  • Appearance > General: "Hot item" group: Use decoration, Decoration.
  • Appearance > Columns > General: Use as hyperlink.
  • Appearance > Columns > Groups: Value, Description, Image, Subtitle, Task.
  • Appearance > Decorations: Unique name, Type, other.
  • Appearance > Printing: added rules for Header and Footer.
  • Behavior > General:Use CellFormat events.
  • Appearance > Images > Tile view.
  • Appearance > Images > Group Images.


  • New methods: AddGroupImage, GetUseCellFormatEvents, SetUseCellFormatEvents, SetRowColors, SetRowFont, SetCellColors, SetCellFont, MakeGroupies, GetGroupItems, GetGroupProperty, CreateTextColorDecoration, CreateBorderDecoration, CreateLightboxDecoration, CreateImageDecoration, SetHotItemDecoration, SetItemDecoration, SetSubItemDecoration, SetColumnHyperLink, SetHyperlinkColors, SetTileRendererColors.