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EasyListView ver 1.12 released!

CellEditKeyEngine - an engine that allows you to customize the behavior of arbitrary keys in edit-in-place mode.
  • NEW: UseCellEditKeyEngine property enables/disables CellEditKeyEngine.
  • NEW: CellEditTabChangesRows property makes EasyListView change the row being edited when the user presses [Tab] while editing the last editable cell on a row.
  • NEW: CellEditEnterChangesRows property makes EasyListView try to edit the cell below the cell being edited when the user press [Enter].
  • NEW: SetCellEditKeyBehaviour method sets the behavior of a given key.
  • NEW: New template tab "Edit-in-place".

CHG: In embeds tree all embed points related to EasyListView events moved to "Events" branch. The list of moved embed points:
  •  "Cell value changed"
  •  "Double click"
  •  "Format cell"
  •  "Format row"
  •  "Group task clicked"
  •  "Can drop"
  •  "Dropped"
  •  "Item checked"
  •  "Property changed"
  •  "Right click"
  •  "Selected row index changed"
  •  "Selected row indices changed"
  •  "Sort order changed"
  •  "Watch control value changed"
This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.

Easy Edge (Chromium) ver 1.10 released!

SDK: 1.0.1293.44
WebView2 Runtime: For full API compatibility, this version of the WebView2 SDK requires WebView2 Runtime version 104.0.1293.44 or higher.
Release notes: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2/release-notes?tabs=dotnetcsharp#10129344

Delivering the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime to Windows 10 Consumers:

Microsoft: We're bringing Edge WebView2 to more Windows 10 devices, and here's why:

The Favicon API.
NEW: OnFavIconChanged event raised when the Favicon has changed. This can include when a new page is loaded and thus by default no icon is set or the icon is set for the page by DOM or JavaScript.

Demo app.
NEW: "Edge tools" example showing History and Downloads tools.

This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.

Easy Edge (Chromium) ver 1.09 released!

SDK: 1.0.1245.22
WebView2 Runtime: 102.0.1245.22 or higher.
Release notes: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2/release-notes#10124522

Server certificate API: provides an option to trust the server's TLS certificate at the application level. It renders the page without prompting the user about TLS or providing the ability to cancel the web request.
NEW: ServerCertificateErrorDetected event: raised when the WebView2 cannot verify server's digital certificate while loading a web page.
NEW: ClearServerCertificateErrorActions method: clears all cached decisions to proceed with TLS certificate errors from the OnServerCertificateErrorDetected event for all WebView2's sharing the same session.
Clear browsing data API: allows developers to programmatically clear specific data types for a duration.
NEW: TClaEdgeProfile.ClearBrowsingData(pDataKinds, pStartDate, pEndDate) method.
Http Status Code API: provides the HTTP status code for navigation requests.
CHG: OnNavigationCompleted and OnFrameNavigationCompleted events: accept HttpStatusCode argument.

A uniform resource identifier (URI) API.
NEW: TUriHelper class: over 30 properties and methods to build, compare, validate, parse, get an access to the parts of a URI.

Navigation bar template improvements.
NEW: Smart address bar: enables search feature from the address string, allows to choose Search provider (Bing, Google or other), hides the protocol prefix (like https://) in the address string.

NEW: OnZoomFactorChanged event: raised when ZoomFactor property changed.
NEW: "Don't generate Init call" template option: allows to manually call the Init method.

Demo app.
CHG: WebBrowser uses smart address bar.

This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.

Easy Edge (Chromium) ver 1.08 released!

SDK: 1.0.1210.39
WebView2 Runtime: 101.0.1210.39 or higher.
Release notes: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2/release-notes#10121039

Client certificate request
NEW: OnClientCertificateRequested event: raised when WebView2 is making a request to an HTTP server that needs a client certificate for HTTP authentication.
NEW: TClaEdgeClientCertificateRequest class: allows an access to a list of mutually trusted CA certificates.
NEW: Client certificate example.

Multiple profile support
Now you can have multiple WebView2s running with separate profiles under a single user data directory (i.e. a single browser instance at runtime), which means separate cookies, user preference settings, and various data storage etc., to help you build a more wonderful experience for your application.
NEW: Template: Profile tab, where you can set the name of the profile, InPrivate mode, the default download folder path, the preferred color scheme associated with this profile.
NEW: Profile.DefaultDownloadFolderPath property: the default download folder path.
NEW: Profile.PreferredColorScheme property: the overall color scheme associated with this profile. This sets the color scheme for UI like dialogs, prompts, and menus. Available schemes are: Light, Dark, and Auto (current OS color scheme).
NEW: OnControllerCreated event: raised when a CoreWebView2Controller created. This is right place to change profile properties.

Process info
NEW: OnProcessInfosChanged event: raised when a collection of WebView2 Runtime processes changed due to new process being detected or when a existing process gone away.
NEW: TClaEdgeProcessInfos class: allows an access to a list of WebView2 Runtime processes and their properties.

Failed initialization
NEW: OnInitializationFailed event: raised when the initialization failed.
NEW: Template settings for failed initialization: "Show error message" and "Close the window".


NEW: Template: allows to use ApplicationData common folder for User Data Folders.
NEW: Template: allows control of whether or not other processes can create WebView2 using the same user data folder..
FIX: Template: Global Environment settings applied if local settings are not defined.

Demo application
CHG: User data folder is located inside ApplicationData common folder.

CHG: Overloaded Init method now takes a parameter of TClaEdgeEnvironmentSettings type.
CHG: Template: Events are grouped by their purpose.

This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.

Easy Edge (Chromium) ver 1.07 released!

SDK: 1.0.1185.39
WebView2 Runtime: 100.0.1185.39 or higher.
Release notes: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2/release-notes

FIX: Apps built in Clarion ("Legacy") template chain threw an exception in OnFrameCreated event.
FIX: "Duplicate symbol: TYPE$BITMAPFILEHEADER" error.
FIX: Template inline comment error in C6.3.
FIX: Missing coinitex.lib for C6.3.
FIX: IsSwipeNavigationEnabled set property didn't work.

Context menu: Enables host app to create or modify their own context menu
NEW: OnContextMenuRequested event: Raised when a context menu is requested by the user and the content inside WebView hasn't disabled context menus.
NEW: OnCustomItemSelected event: Raised when the user selects custom context menu item.
NEW: TClaEdgeContextMenu class: Allows an access to context menu properties, adds and removes menu items.
NEW: Custom context menu example.

NEW: OnStatusBarTextChanged event: Raised when the text in the statusbar changes.
NEW: StatusBarText property: The current text of the statusbar.
NEW: Custom statusbar example.

External drop
NEW: AllowExternalDrop property: Enable/disable external drop.

Pdf Toolbar
NEW: HiddenPdfToolbarItems property: Hide/unhide the PDF toolbar items like "Save", "SaveAs", "Print".

NEW: OnFramePermissionRequested event: Raised when content in an iframe or any of its descendant iframes requests permission to access some privileged resources.

DevTools Protocol
NEW: SetDevToolsProtocolEventReceiver method:
NEW: OnDevToolsProtocolEventReceived event: Raised when the corresponding DevToolsProtocol event is raised.
NEW: CallDevToolsProtocolMethodForSession method: Runs an asynchronous `DevToolsProtocol` method for a specific session of an attached target.

NEW: Template: global enviroment options can now be overridden in local extensions, so every Easy Edge instance may have its own browser data, such as cookies, permissions, and cached resources.

This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.

Easy Edge (Chromium) ver 1.06 released!

SDK: 1.0.1150.38
WebView2 Runtime: 99.0.1150.38 or higher.
Release notes: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2/release-notes

NEW: Global template option "Custom install procedure" allows to call a custom install procedure instead of built-in DownloadAndInstallRuntime method.
NEW: Global template option "Do not copy DLLs" to prevent from copying the dlls to the app folder.
NEW: OnBasicAuthenticationRequested event raised when WebView2 encounters a Basic HTTP Authentication request as described in https://developer.mozilla.org/docs/Web/HTTP/Authentication  or an NTLM authentication request.
NEW: OnNavigationCompleted/OnFrameNavigationCompleted events can report 2 new error statuses: ValidAuthenticationCredentialsRequired and ValidProxyAuthenticationRequired.
NEW: Local template: (Environment tab) "Enable single sign on with AAD resources" checkbox.
NEW: UserDataFolder method returns the user data folder. This could be either the value passed to Init method or the calculated one for default handling. And will always be an absolute path.
NEW: Overloaded DownloadAndInstallRuntime(STRING downloadUri) method.
NEW: Embed point Initialization->Init method.
NEW: The demo app now includes HTTP basic authentication example.

HTTP basic authentication and NTLM authentication
By default HTTP basic authentication and NTLM authentication requests inside WebView2 show the authentication UI, which is a dialog prompt in which the user can type in user name and password credentials just like in the Edge browser. We have been requested by WebView2 app developers to provide finer granularity for managing HTTP Basic/NTLM authentications inside WebView2, including the ability to hide the login UI and provide credentials.

Azure Active Directory
NEW: Init method now supports optional allowSingleSignOnUsingOSPrimaryAccount parameter (false by default).
It determines whether to enable single sign on with Azure Active Directory (AAD) resources inside WebView using the logged in Windows account and single sign on (SSO) with web sites using Microsoft account associated with the login in Windows account.

This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.

EasyReport ver 1.04 released!

Included libraries for C11.1

We have dropped support for any version apart from c63, c91, c10, c11/c11.1

This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.

Easy Edge (Chromium) ver 1.05 released!

SDK 1.0.1108.44
WebView2 Runtime 98.0.1108.44 or higher.
Release notes: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2/release-notes

CKEditor4 class and template
NEW: HtmlFile property: you can change default html file location.
NEW: ExecCommand method: shortcut for javascript 'editor1.execCommand' call.
CHG: GetData(*BLOB)/LoadFile/SaveFile methods now return boolean values.
NEW: CustomScripts method: useful to customize CKEditor definitions.
NEW: OnInstanceReady event: Raised when CKEditor 'instanceReady' event is raised.
NEW: OnBeforeCommandExec event: Fired before the command execution when execCommand is called.
NEW: OnAfterCommandExec event: Fired after the command execution when execCommand is called.
NEW: OnDialogShow event: Fired when a dialog is shown.
NEW: OnDialogHide event: Fired when a dialog is hidden.
NEW: OnSetDataCompleted event: Raised when CKEditor 'setData' call is completed.

NEW: template prompt "Path to html file": allows to change default html file location.
NEW: template prompt "Open maximized".
CHG: template prompt "Data variable" now allows to use the variables not only from Data Schematic pad.

iframe support
NEW: OnFrameCreated event: Raised when a new iframe is created.
NEW: OnFrameDestroyed event: Raised when the iframe is removed or the document containing that iframe is destroyed.
NEW: OnFrameContentLoading event: Raised before any content is loaded.
NEW: OnFrameDOMContentLoaded event: Raised when the initial HTML document has been parsed.
NEW: OnFrameWebMessageStringReceived, OnFrameWebMessageJsonReceived events: Dispatches after web content sends a message to the app host via chrome.webview.postMessage.
NEW: OnFrameScriptResult event: Dispatches when a script has finished and returned a result.

All iframe events are located in Embed Tree under 'Events (iframe)' branch.

NEW: TFrameManager class that handles all frame instances.
NEW: GetFrameManager method that returns a TFrameManager instance.
NEW: TClaEdgeFrame class represents an <iframe> instance and has the methods similar to main edge class: AddDefaultHostObjectToScript, ExecuteScriptAsync, PostWebMessageAsJson, PostWebMessageAsString. The TClaEdgeFrame instance is accessible in generated code in any iframe event procedure.

Navigation ID
Navigation events (OnNavigationStarting, OnContentLoading, OnDOMContentLoaded, OnNavigationCompleted,) now pass the ID of the navigation.

The events OnNavigationStarting and OnFrameNavigationStarting now have AdditionalAllowedFrameAncestors argument that enable developers to provide additional allowed frame ancestors.
The app may set this argument to allow a frame to be embedded by additional ancestors besides what is allowed by http header X-Frame-Options and Content-Security-Policy frame-ancestors directive.

Media API
NEW: IsDocumentPlayingAudio property: Indicates whether any audio output is playing.
NEW: IsMuted property: Indicates whether all audio output from this WebView2 is muted or not.
NEW: OnPlayingAudioStateChanged event: Raised when document starts or stops playing audio, or when the mute state changes.

Download Positioning and Anchoring API
- Changing the position of the download dialog, relative to the WebView2 bounds. You can anchor the download dialog to the Download button, instead of the default position, which is the top-right corner.
- Programmatically open and close the default download dialog.
- Making changes in response to the dialog opening and closing.

NEW: OpenDefaultDownloadDialog method: Open the default download dialog.
NEW: CloseDefaultDownloadDialog method: Close the default download dialog.
NEW: IsDefaultDownloadDialogOpen property: True if the default download dialog is currently open.
NEW: DefaultDownloadDialogMargin property: The default download dialog margin relative to the WebView corner specified by DefaultDownloadDialogCornerAlignment.
NEW: DefaultDownloadDialogCornerAlignment property: The default download dialog corner alignment.
NEW: OnDefaultDownloadDialogOpenChanged event: Raised when the IsDefaultDownloadDialogOpen property changes.

PrintToPdf example notes
Since the signatures of the methods OnNavigationStarting and OnNavigationCompleted have been changed, the derived methods of prn2pdf class must be changed accordingly. See EasyEdgeDemo.app for correct definitions.

CHG: Visible property now read/write (was write only).
FIX: Template support for web controls placed on TAB controls which in turn placed on parent TAB controls.

Two tips were added in the doc.

This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.

EasyExcel ver 4.08 released!

Were added libraries for C11.1 (13744).

Changed methods
  • OpenText - were added pOther and pOtherChar parameters. 
We have dropped support for any version apart from c63, c90, c10, c11/c11.1

This release is available, free of charge, to all customers who have an active maintenance and support subscription plan.